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It's pretty quiet at work right now, even for a Sunday. No doubt it has a lot to do with the fact that Monday is a public holiday and most people will be enjoying an extra day off from work. Starting Tuesday I expect things to get progressively more hectic though, reaching a height on Monday the 20th after which it'll remain busy till the 9th of May when the first shut-down should be completed. It is however immediately followed by a second unit shutting down starting May 16th till the third week of June. While these periods are always stressful and busy, this year will prove even more difficult due to a lot of newcomers that have but 3 months of experience under their belts on this site.

As has been the case in the past, some will quickly learn the ropes and find their own way, others will struggle for weeks and give up in the end and then there's always those who try to offload their responsibilities and tasks onto others. These shut-down periods are excellent opportunities to learn, improve and get more experienced which will make the everyday job much more manageable as well.

Note/update : I just got news that I've lost another team member for close to a week due to a medical condition that required urgent attention. Get well soon, buddy!

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