Watchmen (the movie)

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I went to see Watchmen last night. Fast and Furious 4 was also a contender for my attention - featuring the incredibly hot Michelle Rodriguez - but when I arrived I decided to follow my instinct and pick the lesser known movie in which none of the actors sounded familiar. I definitely haven't regretted my choice as Watchmen is so much more than a fight between good and evil, right or wrong.

For those who've seen Iron Man last year, I found the atmosphere to be similar which is a good thing as I enjoyed that movie a lot as well.

Back to Watchmen however : the movie is an adaptation of a DC Comic book series published in 1986-87 that features the rise and fall of a gang of super heroes in the 1940's and 1960's. I have never read those comics, nor did I have any background knowledge about these heroes as I sat down. It didn't take me long to realize that Watchmen is not just another Hollywood creation where Good triumphs over Evil and everything is well - there's a dark side in everyone and sometimes in order to do good, you have to be bad and lies can be necessary to create a truth more fitting to the world.

Plenty of special effects and visual roller coasters, but I could easily see through that flimsy layer of eye candy to dive into the background and really get to know our super heroes who turn out to be as human - or inhuman - as you and I.

I usually prefer to watch women over watching men but this a 2 hours and 41 minutes of my time well spent.

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