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Time : Monday morning, 6AM.

Situation : One of the busiest days of the year due to it being the 1st working day of a shut down that was started on Friday evening.

Mood : Stressed and tired. Been working 10 days straight (no days off, that's what straight means, folks). Have been dealing with idiots all night long. When people forget shit, they expect us to come up with a magical solution. When I forget things, I tend to find a solution myself or go back home to pick up whatever I forgot. I guess I'm special... wait, maybe they call it responsible?

Guess what? My colleague decides to sleep in and not to show till 7AM. My shift normally ends at 6. Thanks a lot for picking today to tell the world to go to hell and have your beauty sleep. Thanks a lot for making sure I get stuck in traffic and have to deal with a bunch of morons that don't know the back from the front of their car until they had 7 cups of coffee - which they clearly haven't had looking at how they "drive".

Fuck you Pukkie, Fuck you.

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