Packing up and relocating


I've kept quiet for quite a long time - I actually came very close to telling some people by accident - but now I can finally spill the beans : I'm moving.

It's not the blog that is moving, nor am I simply moving from one city to the next... I'm packing everything up and moving abroad, more specifically to Canada. Ever since I visited the country back in 2001 I've been impressed with the massive size of the forests and abundance of wildlife so a while ago I bought a 22 acre lot of land in Saint Paul (Kent County), New Brunswick. Photo's available here : Saint Paul, New Brunswick.

About three weeks ago construction workers have started building a cabin which will serve as a place to call home while I wait for Free Spirit Spheres to finish building and installing the first two spheres. I had hoped to be able to skip the cabin building cost but due to the cold during wintertime, a standard sphere is not up for the job - unless I want to use one as a freezer, lol - and they need quite some extra padding and insulation to withstand the harsh conditions. At the same time the presence of electricity and a cabin will make work progress much faster when we get to that point.

Although everything is good to go, I'm still waiting for a final set of documents of the Federal Organization for Observation of Local Expat Development that will make integration and settlement in Canada much easier. Click link for more info...


Nice one !
But the fact that your third link doesn't show an URL in the browser kinda gives it away that it's april's fools day :-)

Well, the third link shows exactly where it leads... which was indeed the first hint. Only when someone clicks through, they are getting it rubbed in their face.

The site was specifically registered and set up for this year's April Fools day joke, and while I also could have registered one in .org or maybe even .ca, it seemed a bit over the top. Glad you liked it though, and thanks for the feedback ;)

B drew my attention to your latest blog. He suspected something... So I decided to read between the lines and find out. I finally clicked the last link. :-)
Fantastic! Enjoy Canada! ;-)

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