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While heading home today, I decided to stop over at that place I mentioned yesterday to take some notes. I was surprised though to find no more trace of phone number or real estate agency name at the site. Have I been dreaming? I sure hope not because it would mean I've been driving around while asleep and that can't be good.

I did find get some extra information, just by taking a good look at the site : it seems to have been a gas station before, and it's currently being sanitized to remove all traces of gas oil and such from the soil. It seems in a worse condition then I previously assumed as well - can't confirm it though as I haven't been in. Don't think this will turn out to be a project that I can or want to take on after all.

It's one thing to have a vision or to "see" potential, but then there's reality to be taken into account.

5 days of work past me, another 5 to go - I'm half way through and so far I'm feeling good. Will need all the rest I can get, so I won't be making it too late tonight.

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