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I spent last night with a redhead on my lap... the more I petted her, the more she purred and she really got into giving me kisses as well. Too bad it was the furry feline kind of redhead, and not the hot and sexy humanoid version.

I just decided to block an entire IP range from accessing my blog, due to some recent changes in policy that went into effect. While I'm very much for open access, not all views expressed here may be as accepted as I'd like them to be, nor is everyone as open minded about certain ideas and opinions. It's one thing to think an Ogre is ugly as hell and tell people so when they ask you about it... and then there's picking up a stick and poking an Ogre while yelling "you're ugly"... which is just plain stupid.

Anyway, I doubt that you'll be affected by the block, but if you are and think you shouldn't be, feel free to let me know.

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hey! I spend quite some evenings like that too ;-)

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