Fools Day wrap up

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I'm glad to see some people kinda of enjoyed my April Fools day blog post ;-) I know I had a ton of fun writing it and getting all the little details just right, which made my day(s) even before I posted it.

To be honest though, that post wasn't all fake and made up, nor was it as far fetched as some may. Sure, I don't own land in Canada, I don't live in a sphere in a tree, but as James Bond once said, never say never. I was definitely impressed by the Canadian outbacks when I briefly visited, and the thought of living in a sphere high up in a tree, as close to nature as possible while not leaving that much of a foot mark is something that does sound tempting somehow.

I just guess that F.O.O.L.E.D won't be there to help me realize all of that so if I want to accomplish things, I'll have to do them on my own.

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