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As I was reorganizing some of my music, I came across a folder titled "DJ Testosterone" that contains 1.85gig of mixes by the same DJ. I had been following her work pretty closely in 2007 and 2008 but then I suppose I lost track somewhere, so I decided to see if she was still in the mix scene and sure enough, she is.

I'm grabbing the last mix of 2008 - "Change isn't just a jingle in your pocket" - and the first one of 2009 - "When does wonderland open" - as I write this, so if her work is just like the old days, I'll be listening to some excellent creations in a matter of minutes.

If you're up for it, point your browser here and enjoy : DJ Testosterone. Keep up the good work, elleinad!

Note : the new Zombie Nation CD "Zombielicious" also is recommendable.

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