Lights Out,


Spot on? Well, the lights did suddenly go out, but I couldn't find some spot following me around, nor a stage to jump onto so I figured quickly that something else was wrong. I was happily leveling my Paladin in WoW when suddenly the spots behind me died, follow within a fraction of a second by my computer. Since the light and outlets are not on the same circuit - yeah, I do know a little about electricity and wiring - that means it can't be a fuse that popped for no apparent reason. It could be several fuses, but that would be unlikely.

I grabbed my cellphone and flipped it open so the light came on, then took the flashlight out of the pocket of my jacket and took a peek outside : darkness in the street and the one that intersects with it. Global meltdown, who knows. I knew I had candles somewhere, so I grabbed one and then realized I didn't have anything to light it with. Funny how simple things suddenly become complicated, ain't it?

About 25 minutes later, the power was back on. I had already turned on my laptop and was about to get ready to borrow the wireless link from a neighbor in the street over when suddenly things came back alive.

Note to self : prepare emergency box that contains several things that come in handy during a power failure, drought or flooding. If I work on such a thing, I can better be as complete as I can, don't you think? First on the list : lighters and candles, and a box in which I can stowaway quite some things without it getting bulky or too heavy. The idea is to hang it on a wall within reach and easy to find. New project :)

Suggestions for what should be in the box are welcome, feel free to mail or leave a comment.


LOL. I think a flashlight within reach will do. I have four (small) flashlights within reach on four different places.

Very good idea !
Suggestion 1) Install a self-powered emergency light that starts to work a soon as the power drops out.
Suggestion 2) Don't hang your box on the wall. You'll run your head into it (then again, that's also a way for finding your box in the dark).

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