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I just got back from the cinema where I saw "SM Rechter". For those unaware about the plot, the movie is based on a true story where a judge is convicted and stripped of all his rights and pension because he agreed to practice SM with his wife. She was the initiating party and asked him to perform these things on her. For the record, they are still living together and still very much in love, even though the judicial system chewed them up and spit them out for following their most intimate and private desires.

Doesn't it strike anyone as curious by the way that a search for the name Koen Aurrousseau or Magda De Herdt results in little to no information about the original case? Sure, back in the days internet wasn't used as much to blog or express opinions but I consider the case to be one of the most important in regards to invasion of privacy.

Anyway, the movie only makes my anger grow stronger, for how this couple has been treated, and for that reason I would like everyone to think really hard about a couple of things. I'm not even expecting feedback or a comment... the mere fact that you've given it a couple of minutes of your time is enough for now.

Question # 1 : Should laws exist to regulate all things in life, whether it is public, private or somewhere in between?

Question #2 : If these laws should exist, who would you consider capable to create those laws and where possible prosecute cases based upon them.

Question #3a : If a certain excess or an extreme case pops up, which is not yet covered by a law, would you want a law to be created in order to stop these excesses in the future?

Question #3b : Even if such a new law could also lead to prosecution of cases that are - for the time being - considered "acceptable" by a (silent) majority?

I think most of my readers already know what I think about the Aurrousseau case depicted in the movie, or how I feel about invasion of privacy and the continuing battle to safeguard the rights of the individual, free speech and free thinking. Anyway, I've left the answers to those same questions in a comment, so feel free to glance over them AFTER you've come up with your own :)

PS : If you come back from the movie and only recall seeing ropes, boobs and spanking, you've totally missed the point and I suggest you rent some bondage or SM movie that was created specifically to arouse you. The SM content is nothing but a clothespin that holds the much more prying and important underlying theme up : do we still have the right to decide about our own body for ourselves?

PS2 : not as unrelated as you may think in these days of digital imaging, video and communication - Surveillance Self-Defense (site created by EFF)


Question #1 : No, definitely not. Laws will never be able to cover all topics in life and trying to have them encompass as much as possible will only lead to them being ineffective and open to abuse/misuse.

Question #2 : I don't consider anyone capable to judge for me about what is right and wrong. As I have trouble accepting others to judge me, I try not to judge others. I am however human and as such, I fail.

Question 3a : Extreme cases are exactly that : extremes. Focusing on extremes will lead to extreme measures being taken, losing track of what is the middle ground.

Question 3b : See answer 3a and 2. I don't want others to judge me and I will not force my view onto others. If the freedom I value so much results in others being able to get away with things that are considered "wrong" (for lack of a better word), then that is the price I'm willing to pay.

You know very well that I have the same kind of approach to this case as you have. It even scares me that this happened only a few years ago and wonder where the human rights activist were that moment? On holiday or to the movies? This case (what "case"?) should never been taken to court at all.

I feel the same way. Your private life is just that, private. If you and your partner consent and no one is hurt (ok perhaps the wrong wording when you speak of SM, but you know what I mean) no judges/police/law, ... should tell you you can't do it just because the "public" thinks it's weird/wrong/distasteful/...

I still have to go see the movie (and hope to see it soon), but I read an article in Humo about the couple. It's indeed heartbreaking what is done to them, but it's good to see that they are still together. at least the "law" couldn't take that away.

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