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I just finished a four day course about safety and did learn quite some new things and had other things refreshed. The course actually consisted of three days covering theory, laws, rules and regulations, while today was time for an examination and practical case we had to prepare for and then execute. The exam was a breeze (as it should have been when you had paid close attention during class) and got a 44/45 score but the practical application was something else.

We didn't even get to start the actual work - didn't touch one bolt - when our instructor cut us off and said it was ended because we had ran out of time. Even though we didn't finish the complete test case, we all got rather good scores due to the fact that we worked relatively safe and had eye for a lot of things we should have seen. The preparation was on par as well and we learned the valuable lesson that working in a hot zone is not a matter of doing things quickly, but safely. You can't risk taking a guess or doing things "about right", it just doesn't work that way.

Most of the mistakes made or issues we ran into were no so much safety related, but came down to experience. Ever tried tearing tape apart while wearing two pairs of gloves? If not, here's the answer : it's impossible. Solution : tear them upfront and stick them on your overall before entering the hot zone and wearing gloves. So easy but you just gotta know it :)

Conclusion : While I've not become the safest worker overnight, I'm sure everyone in our group has a better understanding of safety and eye for potentially dangerous situations, which makes the 4 day course worth every second of our time.

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