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Yesterday I went visiting my sister and the brand new creature she and her boyfriend made early February : Little T. Definitely a work of art and fascinating to hold and see. Can't wait till he grows up and I can start interacting with him.

Tonight I'm off to look after A. and M while their parents pop over to school for a meeting with the teachers. Will be fun for sure. Those kids always have fun stories to tell and things to do :)

The lol's go to CBG for calling me today after I got home after work : they wanted to let me know whether I could work a 10 hour day shift instead of an 8 hour night shift on Monday. First of all, I wonder why they have to call me at home when they (should) know that I'm working for them today. Why not just call me at work? Secondly, why would I give up an 8 hour shift that pays better as a (busier) 10 hours shift that earns me less? Finally, they don't seem to understand that I've been very flexible already - working longer shifts - accepting unscheduled training and a medical visit.

I can only strongly suggest they get a grip on things and stop plugging holes today only to have that create a new one tomorrow. That's not working towards a solution for a problem, that's pushing it ahead.

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