Towels and Dances


If you are looking for something positive in this entry, stop reading, it probably ain't there. Not today, and if things tomorrow are anything like today, not for tomorrow either. I've come seriously close to just deciding to go see a doctor and get a week off from work. The situation is seriously getting out of hand and I'm fed up with being a puppet on a string. They should really consider themselves lucky that it's not in my character to give up, but then again it's not in my character either to take things lying down, or shutting my mouth when things rub me the wrong way.

In the slight hope someone will get a chuckle out of this, time for a video : Slashdance. It explains why Horde will never prevail : we got the nightelves and let me tell you : she is welcome to come dance on my mailbox anytime, raid or no raid!


It sometimes helps to be away from the situation for a while. Perhaps a week's holiday will do the trick too?

I hope things turn out fine in a while.

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