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After - once again - reconfiguring the network at B&H's place it seems things are working properly now. I set up most of the devices to use DHCP to get their IP addresses, but the printserver is set up to use a static address to prevent it from changing every time and confusing the hell out of the users and all devices present.

My dad suggested to take the printserver out of the equation altogether, but after doing some tests it turned out that the NIC in the LaserJet 2200 was broken, so we had to reinstall the printserver in order to get at least one printer attached to the network running again.

I'm not sure that the current setup is "fool proof", "water proof" or "no power proof" but even after several reboots and such, things seem to run quite well.

This blog entry is actually being written while connected on the network, so if you can read this, things are working :)

1 Comment

Things seem to run perfectly. Thanks!!!

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