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This will be a bit of a game related post, so if that doesn't interest you, skip it :)

I've just finished the Love is in the Air seasonal achievement in WoW, entitling me to carry the ServMe, Love Fool title proudly. In a matter of minutes I'll complete "To All the Squirrels I've Loved before" which probably won't get me a title but was fun to do anyway.

In Second Life - yeah I was still sort of active there as well, though at a very very low level - I've taken the final decision to sell the SoulManager sim off. In the rare case no buyer is found, I'll return it to Linden Lab and take a good USD350 bill off of my monthly cost.

Yeah, it has been fun even though I never got to run the sim break even, the friendship and residents I found there made it worth every cent. Since I had mentioned a potential sale to my residents - I like being open and honest - most of them decided to move out right away, for which I definitely don't blame them. However, losing the income only makes the monthly tier harder to carry myself, making the final sale decision easier.

Easier is only figuratively speaking though as I did shed a tear when I was talking to the last couple of residents and bringing up memories. It will not be the end of my SL life as such, but I doubt I'll ever get that involved in SL again. It's been a fun two years, but the time has come to finalize things and tie up loose ends.

Totally unrelated but worth a mention : my work jacket smells like woman, lol. Hot Chick wore it today as her jacket was borrowed by accident by another colleague and she needed to go out for some tasks and it was raining. I offered her mine and even though it was way to large for her, she accepted. Now it smells like her, which definitely is not a bad thing, grin.

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