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Went to bed this morning around nine AM and I briefly woke up at 3PM because my alarm clock went off. Somehow I decided that it was too early to actually get out of bed and I must have drifted off again : when I opened my eyes again it was dark and my alarm clock read 19h46! I assume I really needed that kind of sleep but now I'm a bit stuck as well : No food at home, leaving for work within the hour and working two extra hours tomorrow morning.

No doubt an interesting situation to be in. Add to that that I'll be working with two completely incompetent colleagues tonight and one who is slowly starting to find his own way around the site without me having to hold his hand all the time, you can imagine I'm really looking forward to it all. Ah well... I'll solve the issues as they arrive and "try" not to get too worked up.

Next week I'm off for a 4 day course which according to colleagues is a breeze and very relaxing when compared to the normal/hectic every day work issues we deal with, so it may be a very welcome change.

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