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A Busy Friday

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I had a rather busy day, working till 8AM, getting home around nine and Joco gave me a call around 10 announcing that he was heading off to the sauna later that day, and whether I wanted to join him and Lex. Even though I hadn't slept a minute, I agreed and headed off to bed, did a quick 3h nap and met up with the both of them at the sauna.

Enjoyable and very relaxing for sure. Surprisingly I still don't feel all that tired, so I may stay up for a tad bit longer before hitting the bed. Oh, I finally made the call in regards to the possible investment I was thinking about and it turned out to be out of my league, so I can put it to rest for now. I'll be keeping my eyes open though since I'm still convinced that investing in real estate is an excellent long term idea.

Catching too many Zzzz's

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Went to bed this morning around nine AM and I briefly woke up at 3PM because my alarm clock went off. Somehow I decided that it was too early to actually get out of bed and I must have drifted off again : when I opened my eyes again it was dark and my alarm clock read 19h46! I assume I really needed that kind of sleep but now I'm a bit stuck as well : No food at home, leaving for work within the hour and working two extra hours tomorrow morning.

No doubt an interesting situation to be in. Add to that that I'll be working with two completely incompetent colleagues tonight and one who is slowly starting to find his own way around the site without me having to hold his hand all the time, you can imagine I'm really looking forward to it all. Ah well... I'll solve the issues as they arrive and "try" not to get too worked up.

Next week I'm off for a 4 day course which according to colleagues is a breeze and very relaxing when compared to the normal/hectic every day work issues we deal with, so it may be a very welcome change.

I'm amazed

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Incredible but true nevertheless : I just received my schedule for March in the mail, which is actually one day earlier as expected and even 4 days earlier as last month. My schedule on the right has been updated.

Randy - The Ram - Robinson

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As I'm writing this post, the 2009 Oscar winners have not yet been announced, but in my humble opinion The Wrestler definitely deserves to come out as a winner. Mickey Rourke is simply magnificent and the plot never really falls apart. If you ain't seen it yet, go do so... I'm rather confident you'll like it.

Katinka rules


For the Dutch and Belgian readers that have a heart for Cabaret and like the same kind of humor and entertainment as I do, check out Katinka Polderman.

While I had noticed her show in the program guide while flicking through it during the past week, I had totally forgotten about it till I came across it while changing channels. She grabbed me by the balls right away and kept a firm grip while I was squirming all over the couch due to the subtle yet not so subtle humor in her scenes and songs. Stand up comedy is on thing, cabaret is something else, yet she manages to combine the two in an excellent and very entertaining way.

She came out winner of the Leids Cabaretfestival in 2005, and received the Zonta-award in Februari 2007. She's been touring The Netherlands and Belgium with her show Polderman and just recently released her new show "Polderman kachelt door".

If you ain't seen her yet, get a taste of what she does at youtube : Katinka Polderman Compilation - Katinka Polderman - Pi-Pa-Pijpen. Enjoy!

Note : I just noticed she'll be touring in Belgium too, so anyone up for a show on the 25th of April 2009, let me know and I'll make sure I have a day off of work :)

Visits and lol's

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Yesterday I went visiting my sister and the brand new creature she and her boyfriend made early February : Little T. Definitely a work of art and fascinating to hold and see. Can't wait till he grows up and I can start interacting with him.

Tonight I'm off to look after A. and M while their parents pop over to school for a meeting with the teachers. Will be fun for sure. Those kids always have fun stories to tell and things to do :)

The lol's go to CBG for calling me today after I got home after work : they wanted to let me know whether I could work a 10 hour day shift instead of an 8 hour night shift on Monday. First of all, I wonder why they have to call me at home when they (should) know that I'm working for them today. Why not just call me at work? Secondly, why would I give up an 8 hour shift that pays better as a (busier) 10 hours shift that earns me less? Finally, they don't seem to understand that I've been very flexible already - working longer shifts - accepting unscheduled training and a medical visit.

I can only strongly suggest they get a grip on things and stop plugging holes today only to have that create a new one tomorrow. That's not working towards a solution for a problem, that's pushing it ahead.

Games and Scents

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This will be a bit of a game related post, so if that doesn't interest you, skip it :)

I've just finished the Love is in the Air seasonal achievement in WoW, entitling me to carry the ServMe, Love Fool title proudly. In a matter of minutes I'll complete "To All the Squirrels I've Loved before" which probably won't get me a title but was fun to do anyway.

In Second Life - yeah I was still sort of active there as well, though at a very very low level - I've taken the final decision to sell the SoulManager sim off. In the rare case no buyer is found, I'll return it to Linden Lab and take a good USD350 bill off of my monthly cost.

Yeah, it has been fun even though I never got to run the sim break even, the friendship and residents I found there made it worth every cent. Since I had mentioned a potential sale to my residents - I like being open and honest - most of them decided to move out right away, for which I definitely don't blame them. However, losing the income only makes the monthly tier harder to carry myself, making the final sale decision easier.

Easier is only figuratively speaking though as I did shed a tear when I was talking to the last couple of residents and bringing up memories. It will not be the end of my SL life as such, but I doubt I'll ever get that involved in SL again. It's been a fun two years, but the time has come to finalize things and tie up loose ends.

Totally unrelated but worth a mention : my work jacket smells like woman, lol. Hot Chick wore it today as her jacket was borrowed by accident by another colleague and she needed to go out for some tasks and it was raining. I offered her mine and even though it was way to large for her, she accepted. Now it smells like her, which definitely is not a bad thing, grin.



A black woman visits her OBGYN and when she's in the stirrups getting an examination, the doctor says "yes, everything is fine", followed by "oh, I see it too now" a fraction later. Immediately, the black woman asks with a scared voice what is wrong, but the doctor doesn't reply. "I'll have to get my wife in so she can take a look too", he says. Feeling rather uncomfortable, the woman stays in the chair while the obgyn goes to get his wife.

They both return and the wife starts looking at the black woman's nether region and then says to her husband "See honey, I was right!". Now running rather scared, the patient once again demands to know what it is that's wrong. "Oh, nothing really", the doctor says. "It's just that we ordered a new black Porsche and we were thinking about getting the red leather seats and interior, and it has now become very clear that it is not such a good idea".

A new day

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Apparently, I'm doing an excellent job at disappointing people and at being disinterested in things I should be interested in. I could say that they are totally correct and that I couldn't care less, but that would be a lie. I could say that I just didn't get to what is expected of me, but that would be a lie too. The truth is - as is often the case - some undefined point in the midst of a multitude of points of view and it shifts around depending on where you are standing.

Anyway, I'm gonna let it rest because I know that if I write more or even think about it for much longer I will say and write things we will all regret later, which would be quite silly. Tomorrow I'm gonna go for the clean slate and start it all anew, how about that?

Reconfiguring things

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After - once again - reconfiguring the network at B&H's place it seems things are working properly now. I set up most of the devices to use DHCP to get their IP addresses, but the printserver is set up to use a static address to prevent it from changing every time and confusing the hell out of the users and all devices present.

My dad suggested to take the printserver out of the equation altogether, but after doing some tests it turned out that the NIC in the LaserJet 2200 was broken, so we had to reinstall the printserver in order to get at least one printer attached to the network running again.

I'm not sure that the current setup is "fool proof", "water proof" or "no power proof" but even after several reboots and such, things seem to run quite well.

This blog entry is actually being written while connected on the network, so if you can read this, things are working :)

Mashed, no potatoes

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I was browsing the web a bit and ended up at Mashup-Charts, a site dedicated to mash-up's. Let me tell you that I spend quite some time listening and watching various excellent new creations. I'll let you explore for yourself, but if you have no idea what it's all about, check out a few direct links :

Could you be intergalactic (Beastie Boys vs Bob Marley)
Rubberneckin' time (Pink vs Elvis)
The Robots in the Kraftwerk tonight (Kraftwerk vs Genesis)
Get this zombie party started (Pink vs Kernkraft 400)

Filling the page

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Sometimes I really hate myself for being all too compliant and willing to clean up the shit of others. On the other hand, I can be very stubborn and rely on my principles. I think I'm a bit of a complicated person every now and then, though that doesn't make me special. We all are complicated and special in our own way.

This entry has no meaning whatsoever to be honest. I just thought it was time to let the world know I'm still around and frankly, I had nothing better to write about at 6.45AM.

Towels and Dances


If you are looking for something positive in this entry, stop reading, it probably ain't there. Not today, and if things tomorrow are anything like today, not for tomorrow either. I've come seriously close to just deciding to go see a doctor and get a week off from work. The situation is seriously getting out of hand and I'm fed up with being a puppet on a string. They should really consider themselves lucky that it's not in my character to give up, but then again it's not in my character either to take things lying down, or shutting my mouth when things rub me the wrong way.

In the slight hope someone will get a chuckle out of this, time for a video : Slashdance. It explains why Horde will never prevail : we got the nightelves and let me tell you : she is welcome to come dance on my mailbox anytime, raid or no raid!

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