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I've managed to go from having just a sore throat to sore throat, cough, headache and snot running from my nose, yet I'm heading out to work again today. To me it doesn't really matter where I am when feeling ill, as it won't change a thing.

Yesterday afternoon I got so fed up with some stuff going on at work that I called someone of the union and informed him about what the current problems are. While I've never met him in person nor ever talked to him before, he got back to me within the hour with an answer.

Later that evening, one of the managers from my employer turned up at work to come talk to us. Coincidence? Who knows... Definitely to be continued.

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Didn't delete anything and as far as I can see, the Extreme Porn Law mention is still there, dated January 27th. Could it be that you're reading at work and some things get filtered out?

Since you also commented on an older post, I take it the update from January 23rd was the last one you saw, which is incorrect. I've had a comment earlier this week that sometimes not all posts seem to be updated, yet they show up fine here regardless of whether I access the blog through, or (they basically refer to the same server and pages). Try to force a refresh and let me know what URL you were using to access the blog, so I can start troubleshooting.

If you dream about Porn at night, you're normal. If you dream about Law, you're just weird :p

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