Opportunity or Disaster?

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Even though I went to bed rather late (around 4AM'ish) I was out and about at 1PM, so tonight may prove a challenge as I'm working the night shift. Over the weekend I went pussy sitting for a friend - this kind of pussy, you pervs - and I had quite some laughs while doing so.

I've been eying a storage space (garage box) for sale a bit further down the street, for which apparently there is no high demand as the "for sale" sign has been up for quite a while now. At first it was for sale for €15,000, then the price was lowered to €13,500 so I wonder if they'd be prepared to lower it even more? I've got some money set aside but I'd rather not use it to purchase very long term investments such as realty. On the other hand, if I don't need the money, it may be better to put it to good use. How about I put about 5k to 7.5k into it myself and then find a partner (or my bank) to finance the rest? Guess I should just check whether it's still for sale, maybe the sign should have been taken down long time ago?

Funny thing is that I've been thinking about this particular "opportunity" for weeks now, but I've not yet reached a decision. Any of my readers out there that has advice, or wants in on the purchase/loan? Lemme know :-)

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you know me: if i can make more money by investing i will :)

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