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I spent my new years eve quite relaxed at home, watching 4 episodes of The Shield on DVD, drinking Ice-T and nibbling on some candy. Suddenly I heard a lot of noise outside and when I glanced over at the clock it turned out to be one minute past twelve. The year 2009 had started and people were shooting of fireworks to celebrate. I continued watching my show.

Either I'm getting old(er) or I realize that most of these festivities are nothing but commercialized mass events where everyone is supposed to love each other, be all happy and joyous and things like that. Even though I think it's pretty much a day like any other, I did send out some text messages to people, and intended to call others personally, which I promptly forgot about later. I may do that today.

Not entirely unexpected but a little shocking nevertheless is that two of my text messages were answered with "thanks for the wishes and happy 2009 to you too, but who are you?". One of those came from a colleague that only left the company 3 months ago and the other came from someone I've spent 5 years of my life with. Guess it's time to clean up the address book and move on.

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mine kinda sucked, not old but reality

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