What a day...


There's tons of things happening today it seems as I do my best to catch up with whatever is coming my way.

HP has replied to our mail to their support department and I'll be giving it another shot tomorrow afternoon. It will even require uninstalling SP3 from a fully patched Windows XP Home install, so that could be interesting. Let's cross our fingers that it'll resolve the issue for once and for all.

Microsoft released a critical update for most Internet Explorer versions which you should already have installed by now if value the safety of your computer. If not, go do it now! (http://update.microsoft.com)

Mozilla released version 3.0.5 of their Firefox 3 browser and even patched the version 2 branch up to 2.0.19. Please remember that Firefox 2 will not receive any more updates so if you haven't upgraded to version 3, now would be a good time. While you're at it, make sure your Thunderbird client is up to date too. (http://www.mozilla.com)

I've just received an SMS in reply to a mail I sent, and it clearly states that the project we had going on has come to an end. Unsuccessfully might I add, but for the time being, that's all I'll be writing about it. Maybe one day the full story can be found on this blog, but I wouldn't count on it. I'm not one to censor myself or let myself be influenced by others on what to write or leave out, but it serves no greater good, why risk the chance of ruining it for others?

This morning I was talking to a colleague at work and he told me some things that were rather surprising. While I'm an avid believer and supporter of "everyone has to do what they think is best" I was caught off guard. My position in certain negotiations has now moved from "strong upper hand" to "just a slight advantage". Will this affect how I deal with whatever comes next? It very well may. Time to check out alternative options.


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Before reading your blog I did both updates, Firefox and Microsoft, which resulted in a failing internet connection. After restore all performed as it should. Redid the Mozilla update and all is working fine. I doubt the Microsoft patch, did you experienced any problems with this ?

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