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Thanks everyone for the encouragement and best wishes, I'm feeling much more alive :) Right now a lot of things are going on, but I can't write about them just yet as none are finalized, and being a rational guy, I like to first have facts and then make up my mind or share the tidings.

I have been caught several times lately answering "we'll see" to pretty reasonable questions. This is not because I'm trying to avoid responsibility or delay decisions, but rather because I know that once I give my word, I'll stick to it. If I make promises based on conditions that are unclear, they'll come back and bite me in the ass. Even if it would be perfectly OK to reverse my view on something when the underlying assumption on which it was based changes, I'd feel bad doing so.

Compared to some of the nicer specimens out there - aka women - I'm a cave man when it comes to emotions or processing them. Luckily, cave men come in handy when chasing mammoth or fighting off grizzly bears. Then again, there's no real need for those qualities these days, is there?


in the past i blogged a lot about cave men, hunters, trad Males a lot, to conceive as many females as possible
been looking for you

Caveman or not, it's praiseworthy that you don't give your word unless you are absolutely sure that you can keep your word.

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