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Thanks everyone for picking out some numbers, I've decided to put a nice overview of the albums in the car already. Feel free to pick another set of three - even if you've done so before - as I've still got some empty slots available! While you're making up your mind about new numbers, were there any surprises so far?

2 - 15 Minutes of Fame (Sheep on Drugs)(Single)
8 - Turn Up The Bass 1991 Megamix (Various)
23 - UFOrb (The Orb)
28 - Acidfolk (Perplexer) (Single)
48 - Steam (East 17)
50 - Twenty first century skin (Praga Khan)
68 - On The Night (Dire Straits)
76 - love, sweat & tears (Soultans)
99 - Debut (Björk)
102 - Post (Björk)
111 - Best Popsongs Ever (Various)
118 - Roots of Country (Various)
144 - Angels vs Animals (Front 242)
178 - Abba Gold (Abba)
188 - A Voyage into Trance (Various)
210 - So Addictive (Missy Elliott)
222 - This is not a test! (Missy Elliott)
249 - The Soul of R&B (Various)(2CD)


You made me surprized, but I don't know anything about music, or as good as anyway...
32, 116, 238

I admire your neat sorting!
Here are my new numbers: 22, 79, 205

32 - Panique Celtique (Manau)
116 - The OMD Singles (Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark)
205 - Psalm 69 (Ministry)

22 - The Compilation - Club X (Various)(2CD)
79 - The writing's on the wall (Destiny's Child)
238 - The Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani)

I'm especially pleased that Jody managed to pick the Manau album since I actually like it a lot, yet usually forget to listen to it, lol.

manau's great :) (finally someone i know lolz)

I'm surprised you have East17... never thought you liked that music... but good cd!! (have it too hehe)

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