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I just got out of a meeting with my potentially new employer, and the last questions/issues I still had were either answered or resolved, so now I'm totally ready to compare old to new. My decision will no doubt be forthcoming as I tend to make up my mind quickly once all cards are on the table. To be continued...

Of to re-read and answer a mail now that I had put on the to-do list, not because I don't know how to reply or what actions to take next, but because it's been fairly busy with the first days of a shut down at work and reflecting upon changes ahead. I'm making time for it right now though, as I know someone is waiting for that reply.

Oh, has anyone seen preliminary results yet from the elections in the US? I haven't had time to get caught up.


Well, you probably know by now but Obama won!

It's Obama, as you know meanwhile I assume.

I have wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Butterfly Award

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