Frustrated with public holidays

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So I get out of bed, head over to the bank to check up on some things and plan to walk over to the supermarket to purchase food for the weekend. As I approach the bank, I'm starting to wonder why the regular Saturday market ain't out, but think no more of it. Maybe they skipped a week, who knows. I finish my tasks in the bank and as I get closer to the supermarket, the place seems awfully quiet and dark. Hm... something's not right here.

Closed. November 1st, public holiday. Crap. Luckily I've usually have some backup edibles in my fridge and freezer so I'll survive, but it once again reminds me why I hate public holidays so much. I work in a 24/7 service industry myself so weekdays, weekends, nights and days are all alike. I spend quite some time connected to the internet, which also doesn't know day or night, week or weekend.

Since we're talking about a global economy, why don't we just move everyone into a 24/7 system? It would spread out the daily traffic jams as well, which means you can actually get to your job quicker!

Note : I'm mostly kidding in frustration. I doubt a 24/7 economy is a good thing.

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reminds me of my time in the US where we went to the supermarket for chips after the late-night movie... the supermarket was open 24/7... loved it!!! :-)

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