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As I was driving over to work, I had Destiny's Child to listen too, followed by Ministry... yeah, rediscovering your CD collection sure makes you end up with quite a surprising variety of artists and tracks. I'm still wondering why I ever bought that Destiny's Child album - maybe because they're hot, or based on the hit single Bug-a-boo?

Anyway, as I was driving back home just now, the Ministry album was finished and I ended up with a CD that made me frown. I ain't really pop, nor is it techno or EBM. It is some kind of electro, that's for sure, but even as I reached track number 3 I had no clue whatsoever which artist I was listen too. After cheating a little and taking a peek at the list posted earlier, I can only assume "A Voyage into Trance" is what I'm listening to now.

It still puzzles me enough to pop open the CD switcher later to check, but not enough to run down and do that right away. If I ran anyone of the road due to being tired and distracted while trying to figure out the right CD, I'm honestly sorry. It's not like I reached down, fiddled with CD's or so, but I most certainly wasn't paying as much attention to the road and traffic as I probably should have.

Depending on when I wake up later today, I may be able to get some stuff accomplished which would allow me to move it to a more concrete stage later this week, or early over the weekend, who knows?

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