Fair Trade?

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I just went shopping and while browsing the isles, I ran into a newly build and rather small section containing some products labeled "OFT" which stands for Oxfam Fair Trade. Truth be said, I never bought such products before, but was somehow intrigued by a 1 liter bottle of orange juice today, priced at reasonable €1,29 + 0,20 for the glass bottle (which will be refunded when the empty bottle is returned).

Curious - as I usually am - I went over to the juice section to compare the price on regular/mainstream brands of orange juice. Those are usually priced lower, and when I browsed the apple juice section, I came across a 2 liter plastic bottle for €1,99. That was the store's own brand though, and while comparing apples and oranges is not fair, even though it's exactly what I'm doing here.

I stood there thinking things over for a couple of minutes and finally decided to satisfy both my inner consumer as well as my inner feeling of solidarity and drive to change the world and I bought the OFT orange juice as well as the mass production apple juice.

The apple juice purchase was a purely economic decision taking into account cost, quantity yet skipping the potential waste and production issues. The OFT orange juice was purchased mainly because I wanted to try it while also sending a message to the local store owners that these Fair Trade products also sell.

Shopping gives you power people, always remember that!

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Products give us power? Not me! All my life I bought qualitative ripe cheese. And what's in the shelves lately? Miserable, tastless light cheese!

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