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No clue why, but I really didn't sleep all to well last night. I just kept turning around, looking at the clock and being restless for no apparent reason. Guess I'll pay for that dearly later today when I head off to work. The good thing is though that I'll probably sleep quite well tonight :)

I just put up the work schedule for the rest of the month - yeah, it's late, I know - so those who were asking about it should now be happy again. Mind you, it only lists work related events, not other events that I've planned, so you may still not be able to get a hold of me, grin.

Thursday for instance, I'll be off to the garage real early to take the car in for maintenance, and I fear it'll be quite expensive too. They mentioned the exhaust was deteriorating on the previous check so it may very well need replacement now, it's not unlikely that new tires should be fitted as well and then there's the strange noise I hear when I brake. Well, unfortunately that was the situation up to two days ago, now it sometimes makes the noise as well when just driving around. That's also the reason I'll be seriously cutting back the use of the car till Thursday when I take it in. It's not like I drive around just for the fun of it, or use to car to go shopping, but still... only necessary kilometers for the time being!

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