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As soon as I woke up I made a phone call to check whether I could pick up a small parcel still, as I had once driven over to the shop on Saturday to find out they closed at 12h30 already. Determined not to make an uncalled for drive again, I checked upfront.

I was told they'd be open till 18h00 today, so I once again drove over, this time to find out the parcel wasn't there. I think this is pretty strange, as I had received 2 phone calls in the past week letting me know there was a parcel waiting for me, but to be honest, I couldn't care less. New way of thinking : I don't go to parcels, they come to me. If they don't, I don't need/want them anyway, lol.

Oh, I'm suffering from a condition called Obsolete Mind Distraction. Well, actually I'm not, but it would be a very fitting term to explain why I couldn't recognize OMD (as in Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark) earlier this morning. Yeps, not "A voyage into trance", but the OMB hit singles. As soon as the first notes of "Enola Gay" came blasting through the speakers I knew what I was listening too, hehe. That song remains one of the happiest sounding songs I know, with a story that leaves little room for laughter.

Those of you that know the song, but never really listened to it, take a couple of minutes to do so. I guarantee you that it'll never be the same. If you don't have access to the song, feel free to follow link 1 first (lyrics) and when things still don't make sense, read further at link 2 : link 1 - link 2

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