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It seems my recent hectic life is once again catching up with me. Yesterday afternoon I wasn't feeling all too well - especially tired - and today I woke up with a headache even though I slept for close to 8 hours and rather well too. The nose is clogged up and my head is heavy. The good thing is that the snow that has been expected has not yet reached my region, so the drive to work shouldn't be too bad.

Sometimes I wonder how others manage to balance their personal, social and work without drowning? It's not like I do all that much at once - or so I think - yet the 24 hours a day consists of always seem hardly enough.

Off to have a quick bite, then off to work the early shift. Tomorrow is early shift as well, in the afternoon it's game time with the family - if I feel like it, though I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again - then Monday and Tuesday more early shifts.

I hope to get more info on one final issue that remains unresolved - or unclear to be more specific - after which I'll be able to sign a contract with the new employer. I already have the badge and uniform I'll need on January 1st, but the paperwork is lagging behind. I'll have to do some digging as well later today, in order to complete my personal records for them.

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24 hrs are never enough, the sleeping part is a waste :)

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