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Up, down, shake it all around


I certainly hope that this morning was the last time I had to get up at 4AM for a while, I'm really fed up with it! Usually I don't mind early shifts, nor getting up a insane hours, but combined with a busy schedule it rapidly wears one out.

The special situation I referred to yesterday turned out to be nothing at all so we received word that we could tune back a number of extra measures, but I'm already prepared for the next wave hitting us due to a certain video being released yesterday. It just never stops, does it?


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No matter how things evolve over the day, getting to and from work will prove interesting due to the large amount of snow that's been coming down during the evening and night. When I left the gaming party last night around nine, it was already a quite taxing and slippery ride - taking mostly main roads - and I can't imagine the situation having improved over the night.

Hopefully everyone at work will show up in time as due to some circumstances beyond our control, we'll need every experienced man or woman we can get, and even with everyone present it'll be a challenge to assign them in such a way I can get the crucial spots secured and ready.

While I like and often thrive in special circumstances that demand the best of everyone, fixing a space shuttle with a broken spoon and a power tool stuck at 3000 RPM is hard, not to say impossible. I won't be fixing space shuttles though, that was just a figure of speech.

And then it catches up

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It seems my recent hectic life is once again catching up with me. Yesterday afternoon I wasn't feeling all too well - especially tired - and today I woke up with a headache even though I slept for close to 8 hours and rather well too. The nose is clogged up and my head is heavy. The good thing is that the snow that has been expected has not yet reached my region, so the drive to work shouldn't be too bad.

Sometimes I wonder how others manage to balance their personal, social and work without drowning? It's not like I do all that much at once - or so I think - yet the 24 hours a day consists of always seem hardly enough.

Off to have a quick bite, then off to work the early shift. Tomorrow is early shift as well, in the afternoon it's game time with the family - if I feel like it, though I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again - then Monday and Tuesday more early shifts.

I hope to get more info on one final issue that remains unresolved - or unclear to be more specific - after which I'll be able to sign a contract with the new employer. I already have the badge and uniform I'll need on January 1st, but the paperwork is lagging behind. I'll have to do some digging as well later today, in order to complete my personal records for them.

Fair Trade?

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I just went shopping and while browsing the isles, I ran into a newly build and rather small section containing some products labeled "OFT" which stands for Oxfam Fair Trade. Truth be said, I never bought such products before, but was somehow intrigued by a 1 liter bottle of orange juice today, priced at reasonable €1,29 + 0,20 for the glass bottle (which will be refunded when the empty bottle is returned).

Curious - as I usually am - I went over to the juice section to compare the price on regular/mainstream brands of orange juice. Those are usually priced lower, and when I browsed the apple juice section, I came across a 2 liter plastic bottle for €1,99. That was the store's own brand though, and while comparing apples and oranges is not fair, even though it's exactly what I'm doing here.

I stood there thinking things over for a couple of minutes and finally decided to satisfy both my inner consumer as well as my inner feeling of solidarity and drive to change the world and I bought the OFT orange juice as well as the mass production apple juice.

The apple juice purchase was a purely economic decision taking into account cost, quantity yet skipping the potential waste and production issues. The OFT orange juice was purchased mainly because I wanted to try it while also sending a message to the local store owners that these Fair Trade products also sell.

Shopping gives you power people, always remember that!

Keeping busy

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Just got back from the garage and the strange noise I had been hearing wasn't imaginary : the front brakes needed replacement and it got a maintenance service as well. Next on the list to get done is a new exhaust early December as I'll have to take the car in for mandatory inspection later that month and they definitely won't let it pass with an exhaust that has a small fit.

I'll be looking up some prices for winter tires as well, as the current ones are almost up for replacement too and I might as well fit a more appropriate type for the upcoming winter.

Yeah, I'm being a busy bee today :-)


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No clue why, but I really didn't sleep all to well last night. I just kept turning around, looking at the clock and being restless for no apparent reason. Guess I'll pay for that dearly later today when I head off to work. The good thing is though that I'll probably sleep quite well tonight :)

I just put up the work schedule for the rest of the month - yeah, it's late, I know - so those who were asking about it should now be happy again. Mind you, it only lists work related events, not other events that I've planned, so you may still not be able to get a hold of me, grin.

Thursday for instance, I'll be off to the garage real early to take the car in for maintenance, and I fear it'll be quite expensive too. They mentioned the exhaust was deteriorating on the previous check so it may very well need replacement now, it's not unlikely that new tires should be fitted as well and then there's the strange noise I hear when I brake. Well, unfortunately that was the situation up to two days ago, now it sometimes makes the noise as well when just driving around. That's also the reason I'll be seriously cutting back the use of the car till Thursday when I take it in. It's not like I drive around just for the fun of it, or use to car to go shopping, but still... only necessary kilometers for the time being!

Finally, the King arrives!

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Wrath of the Lich King - the long awaited World of Warcraft expansion - released today at 00:01, but I was working so no chance to head over to the shop. Instead I came home around 06h30 and then proceeded to keep myself busy till just before 10 so I could head out to the shop to pick up my reserved copy. I was back home and installing at 10:09 but truth be said, I won't be able to stay awake much longer. As soon as I've finished the installation and patching I'm heading off to bed for some much needed rest.

Brain, what brain?

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As soon as I woke up I made a phone call to check whether I could pick up a small parcel still, as I had once driven over to the shop on Saturday to find out they closed at 12h30 already. Determined not to make an uncalled for drive again, I checked upfront.

I was told they'd be open till 18h00 today, so I once again drove over, this time to find out the parcel wasn't there. I think this is pretty strange, as I had received 2 phone calls in the past week letting me know there was a parcel waiting for me, but to be honest, I couldn't care less. New way of thinking : I don't go to parcels, they come to me. If they don't, I don't need/want them anyway, lol.

Oh, I'm suffering from a condition called Obsolete Mind Distraction. Well, actually I'm not, but it would be a very fitting term to explain why I couldn't recognize OMD (as in Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark) earlier this morning. Yeps, not "A voyage into trance", but the OMB hit singles. As soon as the first notes of "Enola Gay" came blasting through the speakers I knew what I was listening too, hehe. That song remains one of the happiest sounding songs I know, with a story that leaves little room for laughter.

Those of you that know the song, but never really listened to it, take a couple of minutes to do so. I guarantee you that it'll never be the same. If you don't have access to the song, feel free to follow link 1 first (lyrics) and when things still don't make sense, read further at link 2 : link 1 - link 2

Frown, Think, Wonder

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As I was driving over to work, I had Destiny's Child to listen too, followed by Ministry... yeah, rediscovering your CD collection sure makes you end up with quite a surprising variety of artists and tracks. I'm still wondering why I ever bought that Destiny's Child album - maybe because they're hot, or based on the hit single Bug-a-boo?

Anyway, as I was driving back home just now, the Ministry album was finished and I ended up with a CD that made me frown. I ain't really pop, nor is it techno or EBM. It is some kind of electro, that's for sure, but even as I reached track number 3 I had no clue whatsoever which artist I was listen too. After cheating a little and taking a peek at the list posted earlier, I can only assume "A Voyage into Trance" is what I'm listening to now.

It still puzzles me enough to pop open the CD switcher later to check, but not enough to run down and do that right away. If I ran anyone of the road due to being tired and distracted while trying to figure out the right CD, I'm honestly sorry. It's not like I reached down, fiddled with CD's or so, but I most certainly wasn't paying as much attention to the road and traffic as I probably should have.

Depending on when I wake up later today, I may be able to get some stuff accomplished which would allow me to move it to a more concrete stage later this week, or early over the weekend, who knows?

Meetings, Mails, More


I just got out of a meeting with my potentially new employer, and the last questions/issues I still had were either answered or resolved, so now I'm totally ready to compare old to new. My decision will no doubt be forthcoming as I tend to make up my mind quickly once all cards are on the table. To be continued...

Of to re-read and answer a mail now that I had put on the to-do list, not because I don't know how to reply or what actions to take next, but because it's been fairly busy with the first days of a shut down at work and reflecting upon changes ahead. I'm making time for it right now though, as I know someone is waiting for that reply.

Oh, has anyone seen preliminary results yet from the elections in the US? I haven't had time to get caught up.

Music Wrap Up


Thanks everyone for picking out some numbers, I've decided to put a nice overview of the albums in the car already. Feel free to pick another set of three - even if you've done so before - as I've still got some empty slots available! While you're making up your mind about new numbers, were there any surprises so far?

2 - 15 Minutes of Fame (Sheep on Drugs)(Single)
8 - Turn Up The Bass 1991 Megamix (Various)
23 - UFOrb (The Orb)
28 - Acidfolk (Perplexer) (Single)
48 - Steam (East 17)
50 - Twenty first century skin (Praga Khan)
68 - On The Night (Dire Straits)
76 - love, sweat & tears (Soultans)
99 - Debut (Björk)
102 - Post (Björk)
111 - Best Popsongs Ever (Various)
118 - Roots of Country (Various)
144 - Angels vs Animals (Front 242)
178 - Abba Gold (Abba)
188 - A Voyage into Trance (Various)
210 - So Addictive (Missy Elliott)
222 - This is not a test! (Missy Elliott)
249 - The Soul of R&B (Various)(2CD)

Frustrated with public holidays

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So I get out of bed, head over to the bank to check up on some things and plan to walk over to the supermarket to purchase food for the weekend. As I approach the bank, I'm starting to wonder why the regular Saturday market ain't out, but think no more of it. Maybe they skipped a week, who knows. I finish my tasks in the bank and as I get closer to the supermarket, the place seems awfully quiet and dark. Hm... something's not right here.

Closed. November 1st, public holiday. Crap. Luckily I've usually have some backup edibles in my fridge and freezer so I'll survive, but it once again reminds me why I hate public holidays so much. I work in a 24/7 service industry myself so weekdays, weekends, nights and days are all alike. I spend quite some time connected to the internet, which also doesn't know day or night, week or weekend.

Since we're talking about a global economy, why don't we just move everyone into a 24/7 system? It would spread out the daily traffic jams as well, which means you can actually get to your job quicker!

Note : I'm mostly kidding in frustration. I doubt a 24/7 economy is a good thing.

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