Someone brought up an interesting topic in the comment section of this blog : semen donation and whether I ever considered it.

I've never considered it, but morally I think I'd have little to no problem with it. One could argue that making a baby with someone you don't know - in case of anonymous donation - could make you wonder later what ever came of the child, but I see it more like helping someone out. Anonymous donation sure wouldn't score as high as making the deposit personally - hey, sex is fun, what can I say? - but knowing you get to help someone would come close I suppose.

One thing that could possibly be something that holds me back would be a reversal of current legislation - right now donors and receivers are anonymous in Belgium - which could lead to donors being sued for child support and such, even if they never had anything to do with the child and its life besides the initial "donation".

If I agree to help someone out, I would like to be pretty damn sure that such a thing doesn't bite me in the ass later. If I wanted to have a child of my own to raise and support, I'd do so. Oops, doesn't that require a partner?

Those that know me IRL will probably not be surprised at all by my point of view, others may be shocked or don't understand how I would be willing to just give away a piece of me (or my DNA) to someone I don't know, to put a living creature into this world but at the same time denying it part of who conceived said child.

I'm a firm believer in choice, whether it is in life, or in death. If someone wants a baby but can't make one, there is nothing in my mind that would have me speak out against such a choice. If someone decides they no longer want to live, there is nothing in my mind that would make me speak out against such a wish.


Yes, a little bit but, well, would you ever consider it with me? And sex is only an option, I sometimes also work by injecting semen (injection without needle) but I do need help with doing so... And what do you think about known donors, I mean in letting a child contact you by mail or something, which is also pretty anonymous and you never have to feel obliged to reply.

I'll have to sleep over this new set of questions, especially the "allowing contact" part.

I think I'd be most prone to either not have anything to do with the child at all, or really be involved. I guess that it would need to be discussed upfront, since it may prove essential to be on the same line with this.

Whether I would ever consider it with you would largely depend on a number of open issues being resolved or being resolvable. But I'm not opposed to it any more then I would be to an anonymous donation.

Feel free to take this to mail, you know where to reach me.

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