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I've been driving around with the same old CD's in my car for too long, so it's time to take them all out and pop in some new ones. However, since I tend to grab the same over and over again, I need your help in selecting some new music. It's not hard at all, just read along :

I've got about 250 CD's in the rack, and let's say I need 32 CD's to listen to in the car. Everyone who wants to play along can pick three numbers between 1 and 250, and I'll take the CD corresponding with your picks and let you know which one it is. However, to make things a bit more random and to prevent ending up with 6 Madonna albums, your numbers should be at least 30 positions apart from each other. Example? Ok!

1 - 72 - 240 would be a good range of picks.
62 - 81 - 100 would not be, since there is no real spread between them.

I don't know whether it'll be fun, but I'd be rediscovering my cd collection and you'd be discovering my rather broad and possibly strange choice in music :)


am curious: 23, 48 and 99

102 - 222 - 249

Thanks for the participation ladies, and here are the albums you've picked for me.

23 - UFOrb (The Orb)
48 - Steam (East 17)
99 - Debut (Björk)
102 - Post (Björk)
222 - This is not a test! (Missy Elliott)
249 - The Soul of R&B (Various)

The "48" pick from Jody was not according to the spread I had in mind, but as it was sufficiently different from the two others, I decided to use it anyway.

Only 26 more albums to go :)

i love taking risks :p

Let's go with... 2, 144, and 210!

8, 28, 68.

Yay, more music :)

2 - 15 Minutes of Fame (Sheep on Drugs)(Single)
144 - Angels vs Animals (Front 242)
210 - So Addictive (Missy Elliott)

8 - Turn Up The Bass 1991 Megamix (Various)
28 - Acidfolk (Perplexer) (Single)
68 - On The Night (Dire Straits)

20 albums left to pick, go go go!

76 - 111 - 178

76 - love, sweat & tears (Soultans)
111 - Best Popsongs Ever (Various)
178 - Abba Gold (Abba)

50 - 118 - 188

50 - Twenty first century skin (Praga Khan)
118 - Roots of Country (Various)
188 - A Voyage into Trance (Various)

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