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My activities so far include strolling the market, purchasing three brand new jeans, a shirt and belt and I was actually planning on going for a haircut as well - the little hair I have sometimes needs a trim - but it seems the hairdresser has decided to take the afternoon off. What is planned for the evening is a night out with the colleagues from work - it'll be a group of about 16 to18 people I think - and I think it'll be good fun.

First we'll head off to Ellenbee which is the restaurant where the Italian Stallion - a former colleague of ours - is currently working, and then we may be heading off to Feestpaleis somewhere in a far far away "town". Don't know yet whether I'll be arsed to join that last trip, yet on the other hand, why not.

As you can read, I've done some things already, will be doing some more later, but the one thing I haven't done yet is sleep, so I'll head off for a quick 3 hour nap now before I head out.

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