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This post will probably touch upon a couple of different subjects, some related to one another, others will have no relation whatsoever. Here we go :

Language. Just as I was parking my car, a song on the radio had this line - "what kind of girl do you think I are" - in the lyrics and immediately I thought "crap, how can you sing or even write such a thing?". What happened to "I am"? Sure enough, language is a living matter and it evolves constantly, but even evolution has it's limits, wouldn't you say? Unless it has to rhyme with "bar", "car" or "Arrr, I'm a pirate" that sentence has no linguistic value at all if you ask me.

Mail. I've prepared a long mail which I'll be sending out later today after a good rest and a final review with probably a few touch up's here and there. I've also got some very short mails to send out, which I'll do as soon as I've finished my posting here.

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