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I'd like to start off by clearly stating that I think the right to strike is a necessity, and not a privilege. With that out of the way, let's take a look at today's national strike in Belgium which is organized to put pressure onto employers and politicians to make sure the wages an average Joe and Jane make keep up with the ever increasing cost of living.

I left home at 6h45 and was back home at 09h00. I was planned to have a training session today, which fell through due to strikers denying access to the plant where I work. A quick calculation tells me that 2h and 15 minutes of travel would cost about 31 euro based on the average hourly rate I get paid. Then there is the cost of the trip itself which is - based on official rates - good for another 12 euro. Total cost : 43 euro.

We're not even taking into calculation the resources and trainers allocated for the training that fell through, not forgetting it will need to be rescheduled. As far as I can see, my net purchasing power has taken a dip due to the strike, opposed to being safeguarded.

If you think I have missed something essential here, feel free to let me know :)


You are absolutely right! This strike forces a many of us to spend extra money. And that while the strike claims equalizing wages versus costs.

I couldn't agree more!

that's weird, I thought they weren't allowed to deny anyone that wanted to work access. another example of how well these agreements were made.

Well, I never made it to the gate, so I'm working with the information I have here, but it's a very thin line between "denying access" and "stopping everyone who wants to enter to a hand them a pamphlet and some words of explanation", taking a couple of minutes each time.

The first would make them liable, the second option when used on 800 to 1000 people trying to enter doesn't, while the end result is practically the same.

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