8 pages, I tell you!


While I don't know yet how I scored on yesterday's test, here's some background. Initially there were about ten to twelve candidates for the job as far as I know. Four of us made it to the actual test round where we were given 7 questions regarding various security topics and law and regulations. Not all that much you could assume, but it took me about three hours of constant writing to wrap up the answers to those.

I knew all the other candidates as we all work together on a (semi) daily basis, which I found quite relaxing. No surprises there as you know whom you'll be "competing" against though that definitely doesn't make it any easier.

I'll probably know somewhere next week whether I made it to the next round, if there is such a thing.


I cross my fingers!

I was just thinking, ever considered semen donation?

the waiiting part is annoying

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