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Those of you that have been playing World of Warcraft will probably shake their head in disbelief, those who don't play they game will certainly do so. I've been working on obtaining the Frostsaber mount, better known as "Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber".

This is the only epic mount in game that lets you ride at 100% with a 75 riding skill, but it takes ages to build up the reputation with the Wintersaber Trainers, at 850 rep for three quests.

I constantly meet level 70 players that fly through the quests as a knife through butter, but with my current level 62 rogue, it proves challenging at times. The meat for the Frostsaber Provisions quest have a very low drop rate, the furbolgs are being grinded down by every player around and the giants... we'll, they're giants and they hit like one :)

Maybe I should put this on hold for a while and work towards a PvP mount first, to increase my speed and bring down the time needed? But then I'd need to shell out the 600g for the higher level riding skill, which is something I was trying to avoid in the first place, lol. Choices, choices. Good thing I've got another week off - I may make it after all.


It's Chinese to me. Nevertheless: good luck with your attempts.

Your better of getting your 100% mount throught pvp. At lvl 70 you'll need your money to get your flying mount (which will help you a lot when questing in netherstorm & shadowmoon valley).

I know I'm better off taking the PvP mount route, but as I'm at 4050/21000 already, I'm not gonna give up now. Besides, it is a rare mount and only obtainable through these quests.

I agree that it would have been "wiser" to start this kind of adventure after I had reached 70, but come on, wise is not always the most fun, is it?

True. We, the Horde, are aware that the alliance rarely does something wise :-) !!!

again I wonder... to WOW or not to WOW...

That's easy: It's ALWAYS "to WOW", everything else comes third (on second place I also have "to WoW" :-)

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