Doctor, here I come

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I rarely visit a doctor - apart from the mandatory exam we have at work every 6 months - so when I do head over there you can be rather certain something is amiss. When I got home on Tuesday, I felt some pain in my groin and when I took a look it seemed irritated and swollen. Nothing too bad, a bit tender to the touch but not warm. I took a long bath and headed off to bed because I really needed the sleep.

I woke up on Wednesday and it was still irritated and swollen, however, work called so I bit my teeth and decided to head out for another early shift. Walking was becoming quite painful and simple touching the area resulted in quite some pain. Before I left for work, I put some anti inflammatory cream on it, in a "if it doesn't help, it doesn't make things worse either" kind of sense. I added some talc powder to keep the area dry and went to work.

When I got home, I grabbed an icepack to bring the swelling down and it seemed to help a bit, though the tenderness remained. Headed off to bed very early once again, and got up around 3 at night because my back was hurting. I checked and the area most tender to touch has turned blue or even black. Since things are definitely not improving, I'm visiting a doctor at 9 this morning to get a professional opinion and hopefully aid. Once we know what's wrong, we should be able to cure it I assume.

I'll be updating as more information becomes available, unless they rush me to the hospital and tear me apart for a complete overhaul, lol.

Update 10:20 : After spending 45 minutes in a waiting room, I finally got to see the doctor who listened to my description and then took me into the examination room where she told me to drop my pants. She quickly was able to diagnose it as an infected cyst and a slice and dice job accompanied with some (painful) pressure released a bunch of puss. After a bandage and a trip to the pharmacy I'm ready to tackle the coming days. Clean up but make sure no soap get's in the wound, apply cream and cover with gauze. Pop two pills two times a day to stop the infection from spreading and it should all be much better on Saturday. If not, I'll be back for a follow up visit.

Hope you weren't reading this while having dinner, lol!

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get well soon :)

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