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I had the weirdest dream today, and while I only recall parts and bits of it, I won't hold those from you.

I somehow walked into a large studio and sat down together in a seat with a group of about 10 other people, of whom I knew nothing. Never met them before, didn't talk to them. Don't have a clue how I got to the studio either, but suddenly a production crew turned up and before I knew it, we were in the middle of recording some sort of talk show. I was seriously considering sneaking out, but thought it would look weird or disrupt their recording so I didn't. Then it flashed through my mind that I would just wait and see what happened next.

On cues we had to applaud, and then there was dancing, the complete stage broke down in smaller modules, moved around in order to create a new setup and out of nowhere extra audience turned up. Mind you, they didn't walk in. We were all sitting down, sliding over the stage with chair and all and as we were rearranged, and looked around there was more people.

Suddenly I ended up at the front of the audience and I was handed a toy chicken by one of the crew, so I accepted it and sit with it for a while. In the mean time they were still recording the show - not a clue what it was about and I think it was the umpteenth version of one - and I just sat there with that fake chicken. It was about the size of a real chicken, but made out of white cotton of some sort. Another rearrangement and I was in the midst of the audience, and someone got handed a life sized cotton cat. They started passing this on through the audience and when it passed behind my seat, I had my chicken attack the cat, lol. Don't know why, don't know how, but it did.

Cat and chicken played tag for a while, and then the cat moved on. Rearrange seats once more - still same show, how knows? - and I was handed a fake fox. Not as big as the real deal, but big enough to look impressive and small enough to handle it easily. Wait, this wasn't a fake fox, this was a real one. I took the fox and the chicken and got up - not minding the recordings, none of the crew of the audience reacting to any of my moves - and started walking in between the seats, playing with the fox and the chicken. I arrived at an empty seat and put down the animals on the seat when a woman next to the seat screeched and got up. Not a clue how she looked or who she was, I only recall her long legs. I only noticed those as I put down my animals and when she moved to another seat.

I woke up. If that ain't a bizarre collection of mental imagery, I don't know what is...

Unrelated to the dream, but I'm giving it a strong "thumbs up" rating : the album Multiplicity by Leki. Very enjoyable!

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Some see a chicken, a cat and a fox in their dreams, others just a white rabbit kidnapping a dog. ;-)

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