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Time to move?

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According to a recent demographic study, Australia is suffering from a shortage of men, and especially the coastal area's (cities) are affected. I always have been interested to visit that faraway country, why not consider moving there? (Link)

Who am I kidding - as if it would change anything, lol.

Site upgrade

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I just finished installing a new(er) version of the software that powers this blog, so if you run into anything that doesn't work as expected, please let me know. Thanks.

Off to kill some Horde now.

Southpark in WoW

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Probably already known to those who love Southpark or those who play World of Warcraft and utterly mind numbing for those that do neither, but here it is :

Note : I drank a restorative potion to get rid of some XHTML validation errors on the page :)

My day so far

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It's been a rather productive day so far, and I've got yet to head off to my full time job. Got out of bed around 9, loaded and started the dishwasher, then headed out to pick up a parcel and stopped over at the bank to take a look at some services they offer. Gathered information and told them I'd get back to them.

Headed back home - stopped for a quick sandwich - and did some shopping on the way. Right as I write this post, the Blues Brothers (Best of) is blasting through the speakers. There's a bowl of rice cooking, chicken marinated with soy sauce is being fried, paprika is sliced and ready to go, so are the mushrooms. Yep, I'll be all ready to go to work in about 15 minutes.

Good news I can finally share


A couple of days ago I got the official "all clear" from J&M to publicly write on the blog that they're expecting a first baby around February 2009. I had posted it before, but that was before everyone knew, so I pulled that one real fast :)

Something different now : if you use Gmail, make sure you have set it to always use SSL. If you are not certain on how to do it, or why you should, read on. Open your Gmail account and go to "settings". Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Browser connection: Always use https". Make sure you update this setting for all your Gmail accounts. Always log out of your account when you're done (not just when changing settings).

Forcing the browser to always use a secure connection will help prevent unauthorized access or even identity theft. Check the support entry for SSL on Gmail here : Enabling the HTTPS setting.


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I have no clue why exactly this is happening, but for a couple of weeks now, I don't seem able to sleep as well during the day as I did before. Mind you, I only sleep during the day when working nights and for the past four years I had no trouble doing so. Not anymore it seems.

Ah well, it may be a temporary thing, who knows and all things considered, I still get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep which should be enough.

What's so hard about understanding?

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If there's something that really ticks me off, it's people or companies not following instructions or preferences I've clearly laid out for them. Allow me to pick just two examples, both of which happened today.

I've labeled my snail mail box as such that I deny unaddressed spam and advertising leaflets that companies still consider a good way to advertise their business. I don't read the advertising, it consists of a gigantic pile of wasted resources and environmentally unfriendly by products, so I've expressed my desire not to accept it.

Today, I received an advertising leaflet from die snail mail spammers, die (company name removed, but clickable if you really want to know) who are letting my know that they are installing new windows on a wharf close to where I live. If I wanted or needed new windows, I'd be picking up the phone and calling around and be selecting companies and products on my own. Truth be said, I have been considering replacing some of the windows in my place for a few years now, but this company has guaranteed a place on the "non competing list" for my order. Too bad for them and when I actually decide to have work done on my windows, I'll make sure they know why they don't get a chance to compete for the job.

Next case is a bank branch offering their services and current rates, this time the company is die banking brand snail mail spammers, die (company name removed, but clickable for the curious amongst us) and they too make my "avoid at all costs" list of companies. If they can't even comply with my wishes before we have a customer relationship, why would I expect them to honor them when we do?

Finally - oops, that'll be three examples then - today I received a discount card of a large brand of supermarkets, that I didn't ask for. Yes, I was forced to register on their website a while ago because a colleague of mine picked that company to do business with and if I wanted to get him what he wanted, I had to. I didn't ask for a discount card and actually let them know immediately after completing my order to remove my details and not share them with anyone. I suppose they didn't get that, or chose to ignore me.

die, well known supermarket brand spammers, die! In fact, I hope some of you follow the links provided as it will leave a trace in their logs and maybe they'll get the picture after all, who knows?

Off to vent on their sites now...

Update : I have to admit that the supermarket brand was very quick to reply and act on my mail. In less then an hour I had a reply that the card had been canceled and was removed from their database.

Simple things

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I've had a very enjoyable sunday : went over to J&M's place where we met with J&E and the kids, played games, had pancakes.

Just finished having a nice sushi meal - home made - and now I'm updating the blog while sipping from a cold Corona. Does it get better than this?

I've updated my schedule for the month, but while entering the data, it looks so FUBAR'ed that I wouldn't be surprised if changes are made during the month.

Try to make sense of this!

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I had the weirdest dream today, and while I only recall parts and bits of it, I won't hold those from you.

I somehow walked into a large studio and sat down together in a seat with a group of about 10 other people, of whom I knew nothing. Never met them before, didn't talk to them. Don't have a clue how I got to the studio either, but suddenly a production crew turned up and before I knew it, we were in the middle of recording some sort of talk show. I was seriously considering sneaking out, but thought it would look weird or disrupt their recording so I didn't. Then it flashed through my mind that I would just wait and see what happened next.

On cues we had to applaud, and then there was dancing, the complete stage broke down in smaller modules, moved around in order to create a new setup and out of nowhere extra audience turned up. Mind you, they didn't walk in. We were all sitting down, sliding over the stage with chair and all and as we were rearranged, and looked around there was more people.

Suddenly I ended up at the front of the audience and I was handed a toy chicken by one of the crew, so I accepted it and sit with it for a while. In the mean time they were still recording the show - not a clue what it was about and I think it was the umpteenth version of one - and I just sat there with that fake chicken. It was about the size of a real chicken, but made out of white cotton of some sort. Another rearrangement and I was in the midst of the audience, and someone got handed a life sized cotton cat. They started passing this on through the audience and when it passed behind my seat, I had my chicken attack the cat, lol. Don't know why, don't know how, but it did.

Cat and chicken played tag for a while, and then the cat moved on. Rearrange seats once more - still same show, how knows? - and I was handed a fake fox. Not as big as the real deal, but big enough to look impressive and small enough to handle it easily. Wait, this wasn't a fake fox, this was a real one. I took the fox and the chicken and got up - not minding the recordings, none of the crew of the audience reacting to any of my moves - and started walking in between the seats, playing with the fox and the chicken. I arrived at an empty seat and put down the animals on the seat when a woman next to the seat screeched and got up. Not a clue how she looked or who she was, I only recall her long legs. I only noticed those as I put down my animals and when she moved to another seat.

I woke up. If that ain't a bizarre collection of mental imagery, I don't know what is...

Unrelated to the dream, but I'm giving it a strong "thumbs up" rating : the album Multiplicity by Leki. Very enjoyable!

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