Weekend, Water, Wounds


I was up around 13h00 already, which is very early considering a night shift is coming up combined with the fact that I only went to bed around 07h30. No doubt I'll pay for that later today. Unless the weather changes drastically, I'm looking ahead at yet another hot hot day - not the kind of hotness I'm looking for - and I just made an appointment to go troubleshoot a computer tomorrow afternoon between three and four PM. No sleep for the tired one...

Tommy was picked up earlier today ending his stay over, which was already extended with a couple of days. J&E were looking at going camping, but the torrential rain that has been coming down locally made them change plans. I'm sure Tommy had a good time here, but he really missed the possibility to stroll outside and meet the world. I hope that by the time he returns for another visit the scars on my arms and legs have healed up. The monster plays like a monster, lol. And I'm not one to pass up on a challenge...


For some reason I'm guessing Tommy isn't actually a human being... unless he's some highly ADHD'd kid maybe??? Then again, I don't recall J&E's kid to be called Tommy so that doesn't make sense either...

That's correct Nadia, Tommy is the cat. As I explained in a post on the 16th, lol.

oh...oops... I think I actually read that post too :-/ my poor memory

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