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I've got some things to take care of today - not because I'm facing a hard deadline, but rather because I've got the time for it now - and some things to look forward to. One of those things is the fact that Tommy (Joco and Eef's cat) is coming over for a visit starting Sunday for a week. It'll be fun for sure, as he takes after his keepers : seemingly perfectly normal with a undeniable twist, lol.

OK, off now to actually get things rolling... first up on the list : put up my schedule for the month on the blog, then depending on what time it is I'm off to the bank to get something settled, and do some shopping.

Before I sign off though, some information that may be eye-opening to some : An unpatched computer connected directly to the internet is likely to be attacked and infected within 4 minutes (though it does depend on location, IP range, Operating system etc). Other sources claim the average time is somewhere around 16 hours. (SANS : Survival time on the internet - Honeyblog : Survival of the fittest)

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