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I just got home from a rather busy - though if you asked me, I probably wouldn't be able to tell you what I've done all day long - day at work and an equally exhausting drive home. Isn't it funny how people just seem to lose all their driving skills when a drop of rain hits the ground? Anyway, I was very annoyed by the delays initially, but after turning on some good music and singing along - loudly and most definitely out of tune - with Lais (Douce Victime) and The Blues Brothers, I made the best of an hour and a half of traffic congestion. I rock, and roll, all day long... sweet Suzy.

I've got food, I've got beer (yummy, Hoegaarden) and I've got a long night ahead of me staying awake. I'd call out for some sexy hot lady to help me with that, but being realistic, I won't, grin.

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I've got a song for you to check out... Jason Mraz, "I'm Yours." Talk about bouncing along!

I've got a little story for you. My dad bought a Toyota Yaris last year to replace his Toyota Tacoma truck. He kept the truck, just to have a truck around, and it was paid off, a '98. He got a recall notice on that truck a couple weeks ago. Toyota was having issues with the frames rusting through. His truck was in great shape, so he thought he wouldn't have any problems. Turns out it was rusted through in 4 places, and Toyota offered him $14,000 to let them crush it. So my dad took my Chevy Cavalier and traded it in for a brand new truck that he only had to pay $400 for!

And then... He GAVE me his '07 Yaris! THANKS DAD! He rocks. And rolls. All day long, Sweet Suzy! :D

Dang, I have some generous family!

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