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Yesterday I was cutting some dry pork sausage and in order to cut it, I used a rather new and pretty sharp knife. Unfortunately, I ended up not just slicing the sausage, but also my left index finger. The benefit of a sharp knife is that is leaves very smooth cuts, the disadvantage is that those tend to be deep. I was lucky I hit it sideways so it was slowed down by my fingernail, and ultimately stopped.

After rinsing it under the running faucet and lifting the chunk of skin that was partially separated from the finger, I put some pressure on it - in order not to bleed all over the place - and headed for the bathroom where I looked for bandages (which, I apparently don't have). Instead I settled for some gauze and a bunch of medical tape. The bleeding quickly stopped and after about a hour I took the improvised bandage back off. I cleaned it up a bit using wet and dry q-tips and made sure the loose flap of skin was nicely in place.

I am very well aware that it'll probably dry out and loosen up anyway, but for the time being I'm settling for leaving it where it is. Should help the healing somewhat. On the other hand, I'm not opposed to just cutting it away right now and let it heal as it is.

For those concerned that leaving the cover on so to speak could lead to infection : so could leaving it exposed. Besides I am usually very quick to recognize an infection and have no issue dealing with it properly. If it starts turning red, is slightly swollen or feels warm it's time to give it a good squeeze, lol.

It's not that I hate doctors, I just rarely visit them and especially minor injuries like a cut as this don't warrant a trip to one just to get someone to clean it up and bandage it. I can do all that myself. I guess I take after my dad :)

Oh, if you are worried after reading all the above, don't be. It's not like I cut off half my finger! In fact, after ripping it open again 30 minutes ago by getting the loose part caught on the edge of the pocket of my pants, I'm typing using all ten fingers already. I'll survive :D

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That's exactly what I would do. :-)
Replacing a (considerable) slice of flesh could bring about a scar though. Take care!

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