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I got into touch with my webhost and was assured that they did send me a note about disabling the script before actually doing so. Apparently, I didn't get the that mail, but nonetheless if they tell me they sent it, I believe them.

I've been doing some changes on the back end of the install and comments should be enabled again for now, though they may be turned off again if the measures taken turn out to be insufficient.


Let's give it a try. Is this comment showing up?

Yes, it seems to be working fine. Thanks for the test!

It used to be (just a few days ago) that when I visited this page, I would get 14 error messages in a row, telling me there was "an error at line 270, would you like to debug?"

I just visited the page and DIDN'T GET THAT STUPID ERROR MESSAGE!

I had typed up a comment for you a few days ago regarding that error message, but your comment system yelled at me, so I forgot about the error message and emailed you about the comment system instead!

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