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WoW : Davina is hot

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While in the background my machine is working hard installing the World of Warcraft addon Burning Crusade, I've got the time to launch another public statement : Davina, shop employee at Game Mania Deurne is totally hot.

I wouldn't dare estimate her age - probably somewhere between 20 and 22 - but her ravenblack hair, superb smile and overall look almost caused me to forget why I stepped into the shop in the first place. That would kinda suck for sales, having employees so hot that shoppers forget why they entered the store, wouldn't it?

53% installed, only two one more CD's to go. Off to work another night shift later today, but first I'll finish making spaghetti and have a nice meal.

The situation at work is definitely getting out of hand (again) and I wouldn't be surprised if something very large and (un)expected came crashing down on us sooner rather then later. It's either that or some of the best people in the various teams leaving because they're fed up with everything that's been going on recently.

I'm not claiming that I would be able to be a better job, but honestly, I don't think anyone could do worse.

Stephen Sommers sucks

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Director Stephen Sommers demanded actress and overall hottie Sienna Miller to use bra padding while playing her role in the yet to be released GI Joe movie. According to Stephen the role required a woman with a full chest (read "big boobs") in order to be portrayed as "hot". Well, have I got news for you, Stephen Sommers : there is no direct correlation between breast size and hotness.

Luckily for you, there is also no direct correlation between brain size and taste (or the lack there of). Anyway, I'd like everyone to let Sienna know that she is totally hot and that I like her breasts the way they are! She wasn't mentioned in my FMH Top 10 without reason...


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If you're working a constantly switching shift system, it is very nice to have a couple of days a year where you can just turn off the alarm clock and let your body decide when it's time to wake up. Today was one of these rare moments and at 11:46 I woke up. Sweet :)

Plans for today consist of the following :

  • play a bit of WOW (done, need to do some more to level to 27 though)
  • gather all the paperwork needed to file my taxes before July 1st or so (done, took quite some time, lol)
  • head over to B & H's place (I'm here ;-) )
  • reconfigure their network to include a wireless AP/router (easy, just switched two cables)
  • update the firmware in the wireless router I bought for that purpose yesterday (not needed, up to date)
  • set up a secure connection between the new laptop and the AP using WPA2 (too easy)
  • configure the laptop and possible remove Vista and install XP instead (she'll stick with Crapsta for now)
  • prepare taxes and get information about how to submit certain expenses (next on the list)
  • chat and have a good time while doing all that (doing that right now)
Yeah, that's about it I think...

Firefox 3

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Today at 10 AM PDT, firefox 3 will be released, and they are shooting for a world record. More info about my favorite browser at Spread Firefox.

Mind you, some addons may not yet be available for this new version, so I suggest you verify if any of those are critical to you. Local release time for Belgium : 19h00.

Server Move

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I received notice from my web host that the site and account will be moved to another server later today. Apparently it has some negative impact on the other users on the server, so it'll be moved to another server that I suspect is less loaded. I have already opened a line of communication with my host to see what I can do to lower the overall load on the server.

If the site suddenly disappears, loads slowly or shows other intermittent problems, please bear with us as the move is completed and we work with all parties involved to make runs smooth(er) again.

Tuesday, Patch Day!

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Second Tuesday of the month, so Microsoft will be releasing their monthly patches today. Up on the list for June are 3 rated critical, 3 important and one moderate. As soon as they are available, apply them.

Apple released version 7.5 of their Quicktime player, fixing 5 vulnerabilities, and OpenOffice got bumped to version 2.4.1, fixing an overflow issue. Especially with the rise of third party software and plugins (such as Quicktime, Flash, ...) becoming the new method of gaining access to infect machines, you cannot delay these for too long.

Fuck you, loser!

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I just got home after working till nine AM instead of 6 AM. All of that because one colleague called in ill, though I'm rather certain his illness is mostly a lack of interest and nothing else. Gotta love those who take nothing serious and get away with it too. Good thing it ain't my call... It would have been his last day on the job, no doubt about that. It ain't the first time he pulls a stunt like this.

Zzzz... No! Stay Awake!

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I've been trying for the past two days to get into a night shift sleeping rhythm, but it seems I've failed miserably. I usually don't have any problem switching from early, late or day to staying awake at night, but this time I just can't do it. Strange.

Anyway, tired or not, off I go...

1984 - 2008: nothing's changed

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An excerpt : "The German government yesterday passed a controversial anti-terror law that would grant police the power to monitor private residences, telephones and computers. Instead of tapping phones, they would be able to use video surveillance and even spy software to collect evidence. [snip]...[snip] The bill, called a building block for Germany's security architecture by interior minister Wolfgang Schäuble, still needs to be approved by the lower and upper chamber of the German parliament"

Full article at : German government approves plod-spyware law.

Also in Europe, this time in Sweden, they're trying to pass a law that would allow the FRA to monitor all incoming and outgoing communications, affecting all Internet traffic and all telephony traffic, meaning web surfing, e-mail, phone, and fax are affected, to mention but a few.

Domestic communications would also be fed through the FRA due to technical routing reasons. In effect they would be spying (or at least have the capability to do so) on domestic users, but also intercepting all e-mail traffic that for instance goes from England to Finland, as international routing often passes through various other countries before a packet reaches the final destination.

There seems to be little international concern over this proposed law so far, and there is even less information available in English. I'd like to refer you to a post by Rick Falkvinge, leader of the Swedish Pirate Party. Not the most objective party, I admit, but sometimes you have to work with what you've got.

You can contact a local or national politician, or you can support organizations that stand on the barricades for your privacy and online freedom every day. Visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) or European Digital Rights (EDRI) website and support them, or learn how you can help.

Interesting project : RepRap


As some of you know, I'm not that much of a DIY person myself, but that doesn't mean I can't see or appreciate the efforts of others. Let me introduce you to the RepRap (shorthand for Replicating Rapid Prototyper), which basically is a 3D printer capable of "printing" the parts needed to replicate itself.

If you are lost already, don't worry. If you are thinking "a printer can't print a working copy of itself" you are correct. However, the RepRap is not a common 2D/flat printer that puts ink to paper, but a 3D printer that uses Rapid Prototyping Technology also know as Fused deposition modeling (FDM) to create plastic 3D objects.

Hence, the first printer can print all parts to create a second one - it can replicate itself!

Apart from that fact, all tools needed to build or create a RepRap are freely obtainable, and it would cost about 400 euro to build your first one. However, there is also a RepStrap project being developed that would allow you to build a low budget initial printer which then can be used to create the parts for a more advanced version. All software is available as well and the templates that the printer needs are created using Art of Illusion software, but commercial CAD packages usually also are capable of exporting STL files.

The Razr lives again

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Today a replacement battery for my Motorola Razr V3 arrived and after testing it seems to have revived my phone. Last week it suddenly stopped working and whenever I tried charging it, it didn't seem to hold it's capacity. Problem solved :)

Ebay is quite the marketplace, and I hope to receive some other parcels rather soon. It had been a while since I shopped at it, but I guess I'm back, lol.

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