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In the past two or three hours, my main computer has shit itself twice on some kernel stack inpage error, also know as a dreaded Blue Screen Of Death. According to some online resources I've found, it most likely points to an imminent hardware failure, possibly RAM or hard disks.

Since I suspect that temperature could also be related to the issue at hand, I've set up an extra fan to give additional airflow while I figure out what is the exact cause. If the disks are failing, the problem is rather easily solved, as I've got two 80GB disks laying around as spares. I got those last year when I suspected HD failure already.

I'm just trying to decide whether to head off to bed now and backup/rebuild and reinstall the complete machine tomorrow, or wait till next week when I've got a bit more time between shifts. Worst case scenario, it all crashes before and I switch to my laptop or the other machine.

Funny thing is that I fixed a couple of computers for others today, and now end up holding the shortest straw. Where's karma when you need it?

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