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Editing templates in the middle of the night may not be such a good idea after all. When I got out of bed, I noticed part of my sidebar navigation had disappeared. When I checked the template itself, sure enough, it had been cut off somewhere, which instantly explained the lacking data in the output.

However, I didn't back up the template before I started messing around in it last night - it's only a very small change - so I had to start looking for a backup I had made before. I found one dating from 2007 I believe and was able to recreate most of the template it seems. I'm quite convinced it will not properly validate now, and that some info will be missing, but all of that will have to wait a week or more.

It would be best if I just recoded the custom template from scratch, or used a plain standard one, but neither option really appeals to me. I don't think this mishap is the end of this blog though, but who knows?

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IMO you made the sidebar navigation disappear, just to let us miss you more while you are gone. LOL

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