Wakka Chikka Volume 2, baby

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I can't recall whether I ever blogged or referred to Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka Porn Music for the Masses Volume 1 on this blog, but I'd like to point out that Volume 2 was released earlier this year - on February 14th 2008 to be precise. You can take a look at the track list or download it entirely at WM Recordings.

Since I seem to have lost my Volume 1 disc, I downloaded that one again as well, and then
burned both volumes.

Apparently, the zip file for Volume 1 doesn't seem to exist anymore at Comfortstand, but you can still grab all the individual tracks.

For those utterly confused as to what they are to expect when downloading : it's music, not porn :) However, in order to really appreciate the album, I suppose some exposure to 70's porn would be beneficial. Think grooves, think deep voices, think sex. Think Roller Girl in Boogie Nights. Which reminds me : who borrowed my copy of that movie?!

If you like the music, also check out fluffertraX.com for more goodness.

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